Wireless Car Thermometer

A wireless car thermometer is an easy solution for those that do not want to have to install an external wire sensor for an outside temperature reading.  There are a few on the market, but the Wayfinder Temperature and Compass System is the most effective.  It is completely wireless, has reliable readings, and is easy to install.  This wireless car thermometer uses Full Spectrum technology and can read a full 155 degree  temperature spectrum.  It covers from -35F all the way up to 120F.  The compass is also accurate and uses a patented sensor technology used by Ford, GM, and Chrysler.  This technology uses an algorithm that takes into consideration the metal in your car for reliable compass readings.

wireless car thermometerThis wireless car thermometer is also very easy to install.

It takes about a minute to install the unit and there is no need to worry about wiring.  The wireless sensor uses a battery to transmit the temperature on a unique radio frequency to the unit.  It is recommended to attach the sensor inside the bumper away from the radiator.  Some customers have found that installing the sensor behind the license plate works very well.

The compass in this wireless car thermometer is very easy to read and set up.  With the push of the button it is possible to drive in a complete circle.  The compass display comes with 3 modes.  The direction you are traveling can be seen in a large compass rose and an arrow to show the direction.  It also can display 8 cardinal points or a digital numeric readout.

The external sensor used for this wireless car thermometer is very rugged and durable.  It is able to withstand the excessive heat of the summer or the freezing temperatures of harsh winters.  The wireless car thermometer will also warn you when the outside temperature has dropped to 35F.  This ice alert will warn of possible hazardous road conditions.

The Wayfinder Temperature and Compass System wireless car thermometer also has a magnetic distortion flag.  This tells you when the compass is being affected by magnetic interference and may affect its accuracy.

This wireless car thermometer also has some additional features.  It has a holographic screen that is easy to see when the sun is bright.  It also has a bright backlight.  The backlight works automatically when the unit is plugged into the cigarette lighter.  If it is running on batteries, the backlight can be controlled by the push of a button.  This wireless car thermometer also turns itself off when it is running on batteries to save battery life if movement hasn’t been detected for 10 minutes.

The Wayfinder Temperature and Compass System wireless car thermometer comes with every thing you will need to be up and running in no time.  It comes with the display unit, a bracket for mounting including suction cups, an outside external wireless temperature sensor, a cigarette lighter power adapter, cable ties, dual lock reclosable fastener by 3M, 2 lithium charge batteries, a manual, and a 1 year warranty.

Knowing the temperature outside and where you’re going is very easy with this wireless car thermometer.

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