Auto Thermometer

If your car came with an auto thermometer, then you’re in luck.  Unfortunately, many cars are not built with an auto thermometer and it is really a nice feature to have.  To be able to look at the dash and see the temperature outside can be very helpful especially when you’re in very hot or very cold climates.  Some auto thermometers can warn you when the outside temperature has dipped too low and there is a potential ice hazard.  But if your car does not have a factory installed auto thermometer, it’s not too late to get one.

auto thermometerThere are many auto thermometer models to choose from.

A very basic model will simply give the temperature inside the car.  But most people are looking to find the temperature outside.

There is a popular inexpensive digital auto thermometer that will actually show the temperature outside.  It is fairly simple to install.  The actual auto thermometer is applied to the dash with double sided tape or velcro and usually runs on a AA battery.  To know what the temperature is outside, a external sensor is used.  This external sensor is a long wire that is connected to the auto thermometer and is used to give a reading of the outside temperature.  It is easy to run it along the dash and the windshield.  It can be pushed in with a credit card edge and will be completely hidden.  Next put the sensor wire under the front door sealer and attach it to the door cavity wall.  It will need to have access to the outside air, but still within the exterior of the car to avoid being bothered during a car wash.

Another method is to place the auto thermometer external sensor under the front bumper.  The external sensor wire should be pretty long and reaching the front bumper shouldn’t be a problem.  Run the wire through the dash and secure it to the side frame away from the motor with wire ties.  Run it up to the front and then down past the radiator and attach it to the inside of the front bumper, using wire ties to keep secure.  It should be protected by the bumper from water and debris.  This method actually sounds more difficult than what it actually is and the auto thermometer external sensor is simple to install.

There are other auto thermometer models available, it really depends on what features you need or want.  The best ones use an external sensor to give the most accurate temperature.  Just follow the directions above for installing the auto thermometer external sensor.

There is a stand alone auto thermometer available that attaches easily and rests on the dash.  It is digital and has a compass, displays the inside and outside temperature, an alert for ice, clock, and a nice back light for easy visibility.  It really does everything you could ask for.

The price of the auto thermometer really varies.

There are inexpensive ones for around $10.  Or it is possible to spend close to $200 for an auto thermometer that has many extra features.

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